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Raw Shot Gather SEG-Y Trace Data Files


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Baldwin, W.E., Foster, D.S., Bergeron, E.M., Dal Ferro, P., McKee, J.A., Moore, E.M., Nichols, A.R., O'Brien, T.F., Powers, D., Miller, N.C., and Ruppel, C.D., 2020, Multichannel seismic-reflection and navigation data collected using Sercel GI guns and Geometrics GeoEel digital streamers during the Mid-Atlantic Resource Imaging Experiment (MATRIX), USGS field activity 2018-002-FA: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


These raw shot gather SEG-Y format files have been zip compressed to improve ease of transfer. Uncompressed, the files will occupy approximately 309 Gb of disk space. The full metadata record for these files can be accessed from the main landing page for the data release:


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5.58 GB
3.95 GB
2.93 GB
4.66 GB
2.94 GB
5.33 GB
5.67 GB
5.68 GB
5.81 GB
13.9 GB
16.04 GB
25.91 GB
20.8 GB
13.62 GB
21.97 GB
22.42 GB
32.18 GB 0 Bytes
25.42 GB


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