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Bottom sediment chemical data at rivermouths and harbors along western Lake Michigan, USA, 2016


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Scudder Eikenberry, B.C., Olds, H.T., Besser, J.M., and Dorman, R.A., 2020, Bottom sediment chemical data at rivermouths and harbors along western Lake Michigan, USA, 2016: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Streambed sediment samples were collected in October 2016 from streams tributary to Wisconsin’s western Lake Michigan shoreline. Streams included two Areas of Concern (AOCs), two non-AOC comparisons, and two additional non-AOC study areas. Within the Milwaukee Estuary AOC, samples were collected from the Milwaukee River (three subsites), the Menomonee River (two subsites), the Kinnickinnic River (2 subsites), and the Milwaukee Harbor (one subsite). The Milwaukee, Menomonee, and Kinnickinnic Rivers converge in the Milwaukee Harbor and then discharge to Lake Michigan. Within the Sheboygan River AOC, samples were collected at three subsites. Samples were also collected at two subsites in the Manitowoc River and two subsites in the Root [...]


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1_Sampling_site_locations.csv 6.17 KB text/csv
2_Field_Water_Quality.csv 2.33 KB text/csv
3_Sediment_Particle_Size_and_Carbon_in_Sediment.csv 22.67 KB text/csv
4_Total_Metals_in_Sediment.csv 8.96 KB text/csv
5_Total_Mercury_in_sediment.csv 4.43 KB text/csv
6_Acid-Volatile_Sulfide_and_SEM_Metals_in_Sediment.csv 18.6 KB text/csv
7_PAHs_in_Sediment.csv 47.07 KB text/csv
8_PCBs_Aroclors_and_Congeners_in_Sediment.csv 122.42 KB text/csv
9_Arochlor_Composition_Ratios_in_Sediment.csv 1.19 KB text/csv
10_Sediment_Toxicity_Results_for_Midges.csv 2.42 KB text/csv
11_Sediment_Toxicity_Results_for_Amphipods_28-day.csv 2.12 KB text/csv
12_Sediment_Toxicity_Results_for_Amphipods_42-day.csv 2.4 KB text/csv


The goal of the study was to evaluate sediment chemistry and potential sediment toxicity to benthic invertebrates and inform management actions with respect to sediment remediation and habitat restoration.

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DOI doi:10.5066/P9UDBFG8

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