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Location data for whooping cranes of the Aransas-Wood Buffalo Population, 2009-2018


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Pearse, A.T., Brandt, D.A., Baasch, D.M., Bidwell, M.T., Conkin, J.A., Harner, M.J., Harrell, W., and Metzger, K.L., 2020, Location data for whooping cranes of the Aransas-Wood Buffalo Population, 2009-2018: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Location and associated data came from whooping cranes from the Aransas-Wood Buffalo Population, 2009–2018. We marked a sample of 68 whooping cranes with leg-mounted transmitters that acquired locations via the global positioning system (GPS) network and transmitted those data through the Argos satellite system. Cranes were captured either at their natal areas in and adjacent to Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada or at their winter terminus along the Texas Gulf Coast. Transmitters provided different quantities of data because of the variable transmitter functionality and survival of marked birds. Multiple partners administered this research project and collected these data, including the Canadian Wildlife Service, Crane Trust, Platte [...]


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Advance knowledge of whooping crane breeding, wintering, and migratory ecology, including threats to survival and population persistence.

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DOI doi:10.5066/P9Y8KZJ9

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