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Using machine learning to map topographic-soil & densely-patterned sub-surface agricultural drainage (tile drains) from satellite imagery


In the mid-1800s, tile-drains wereinstalled in poorly-drained soils of topographic lows as watermanagement to protectcropland during wet conditions; consequently, estimations of tile-drain location have been based on soil series. Most tile drainsare in the Midwest, however each state has farms with tile and tile-drain density has increased in the last decade. Where tile drains quickly remove waterfrom fields,groundwater and stream water interaction can change, affecting water availabilityand flooding. Nutrients and sediment can quickly travel to streams thru tile, contributing to harmful algal blooms and hypoxia in large water bodies. Tile drains are below the soil surface, about1 m deep, but their location can bevisible in satelliteimagery [...]


Principal Investigator :
Tanja N Williamson
Co-Investigator :
Alexander O Headman
Cooperator/Partner :
Michael E Wieczorek, Barry Allred
CMS Group :
Community for Data Integration - CDI

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  • Community for Data Integration (CDI)



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