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Station AMT03; Audiomagnetotelluric survey to characterize the Sunnyside porphyry copper system in the Patagonia Mountains, Arizona


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Reitman, J., Rodriguez, B.D., and Brown, P.J., 2020, Audiomagnetotelluric survey to characterize the Sunnyside porphyry copper system in the Patagonia Mountains, Arizona: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This dataset includes audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) sounding data collected in 2008 in and near the Patagonia Mountains of southern Arizona. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) conducted a series of multidisciplinary studies as part of the Assessment Techniques for Concealed Mineral Resources project funded by the USGS Minerals Resources Program in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service. The USGS used AMT data at 6 sites along a southwest-northeast profile of about 10 kilometers across the northwest-trending Sunnyside porphyry copper system.


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USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-FC9_02.txt 15.46 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-FC9_01.txt 15.44 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-FC8_02.txt 15.48 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-FC8_01.txt 15.46 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-FC7_02.txt 15.45 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-FC7_01.txt 15.44 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-FC6_02.txt 15.47 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-FC6_01.txt 15.45 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-TS_High_02.txt 19.93 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-TS_High_01.txt 19.91 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-SD9_02.txt 17.43 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-SD9_01.txt 17.42 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-SD8_02.txt 17.45 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-SD8_01.txt 17.43 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-SD7_02.txt 17.42 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-SD7_01.txt 17.41 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-SD6_02.txt 17.44 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-SD6_01.txt 17.42 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-BP_High_02.txt 16.34 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03-BP_High_01.txt 16.32 KB text/plain
readme.txt 808 Bytes text/plain
SP03A2.FC9 33.27 KB application/unknown
SP03A2.SD9 18.35 KB text/plain
SP03A1.SD9 3.9 KB text/plain
SP03A1.FC9 8.25 KB application/unknown
SP03A2.FC8 28.3 KB application/unknown
SP03A2.SD8 27.01 KB text/plain
SP03A1.FC8 8.35 KB application/unknown
SP03A1.SD8 5.35 KB text/plain
SP03A2.SD7 18.35 KB text/plain
SP03A2.FC7 33.27 KB application/unknown
SP03A1.FC7 8.25 KB application/unknown
SP03A1.SD7 3.9 KB text/plain
SP03A2.FC6 49.4 KB application/unknown
SP03A2.SD6 27.01 KB text/plain
SP03A1.FC6 11.87 KB application/unknown
SP03A1.SD6 5.35 KB text/plain
SP03A2.BP1 5.83 KB text/plain
SP03A2.TS1 41.14 KB application/unknown
SP03A1.BP1 5.83 KB text/plain
SP03A1.TS1 41.13 KB application/unknown
BF6-9628.RSP 815 Bytes text/plain
BF6-9626.RSP 815 Bytes text/plain
BF6-9625.RSP 815 Bytes text/plain
BF6-9624.RSP 815 Bytes text/plain
BF6-9621.RSP 815 Bytes text/plain
EF-9608Y.RSP 5.74 KB text/plain
EF-9608X.RSP 5.74 KB text/plain
EF-9515Y.RSP 5.74 KB text/plain
EF-9515X.RSP 5.74 KB text/plain
USA-Arizona-Patagonia_Mtns-Sunnyside_Porphyry-2010-AMT03.edi 58.4 KB text/plain
amt03.png thumbnail 206.72 KB image/png


The purpose of this data release is to provide audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) station locations and data to the public. The primary goal of the AMT survey is to map changes in electrical resistivity with depth that are related to differences in rock type. Characterization of the size and resistivity of the mineralized area beneath overburden were of primary importance to be investigated by these variations in rock types.

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