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Data for depth of groundwater used for drinking-water supplies in the United States


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Kauffman, L.J., Degnan, J.R., Belitz, K., Stackelberg, P.E., and Erickson, M.L., 2021, Data for depth of groundwater used for drinking-water supplies in the United States (ver. 1.1, November 2021): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This data release includes grids representing the depth and thickness of drinking-water withdrawal zones, polygons of hydrogeologic settings, an inventory of sources of well construction data, and summaries of data comparisons used to assess the depth of groundwater used for drinking-water supplies in the United States. Well construction data sources are documented in Table1_DataSources.xlsx. Data comparisons using the Mann-Whitney test to assess similarity between hydrogeologic settings were used to justify combining data where they were sparse (compare_neighbors_all_domestic.txt and compare_neighbors_all_public.txt). Water-supply-well depth varies geographically by water use and the type of well, which illustrates the need to identify [...]


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“Compare domestic-supply well data”
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“Compare public-supply well data”
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“Public-supply well data from unpublished sources”
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“Hydrogeologic settings”
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“Domestic-supply well data from unpublished sources”
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“open interval estimate equation parameters by hydrogeologic setting”
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“open interval estimate equation parameters by lithology”
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“Data source references - tab delimited text”
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“Data source references - excel”
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“Data density and moving median surfaces for domestic-supply wells”
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“Differences between domestic- and public-supply well moving median surfaces”
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“Data density and moving median surfaces for public-supply wells”
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Version 1.1.txt 699 Bytes text/plain


This data release describes the data sources and processing methods used to gather data and summarize the depth of drinking-water supplies by hydrogeologic region in the United States. Depth of the top and bottom of aquifer zones used for groundwater withdrawal for drinking-water were important predictor variables in statistical models used to predict groundwater quality. Drinking-water-quality statistical-modeling results are presented as maps of predictions of water quality and contaminant conditions generated from continuous maps of variables; therefore, a coast-to-coast set of surfaces representing depths to drinking-water supplies is necessary for ongoing regional- and national-scale modeling efforts.


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Revision 1.1 by James R Degnan on November 15, 2021. To review the changes that were made, see “Version 1.1.txt” in the attached files section.

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DOI doi:10.5066/P94640EM

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