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Area of Sustainable Forest Habitat


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Twedt, D.J. and Mini, A. 2020, Predicted Avian Species Occupancy, Area of Sustainable Forest Habitat, and Area of Occupied Habitat within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley Bird Conservation Region: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Values for area of sustainable forest habitat for each species were obtained as the predicted occupied proportion of each 900 square meter pixel (i.e., occupancy probability x 900) within all forest patches deemed large enough to harbor a sustainable population of the species. The area required for a sustainable population of each species was derived from credible intervals associated with population trends from historical (1966-2015) BBS data (Sauer and others, 2017). For each silvicolous bird species in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, we assumed the minimum sustainable population was the number of birds needed to ensure ≤1% probability that the population would be extirpated (i.e., drop below a quasi-extinction threshold) during [...]


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Daniel J Twedt
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Daniel J Twedt
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Daniel J Twedt, Anne Mini
Metadata Contact :
Daniel J Twedt
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U.S. Geological Survey
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U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase

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Species occupancies, area of sustainable forest habitat, and area of occupied habitat were predicted to aid in assessing the area of sustainable forest habitat supporting the Lower Mississippi Valley joint Venture's population objectives of silvicolous birds within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley Bird Conservation Region.
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