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Graham Law, Lamont employee, at the weasel. T-3 (Fletcher's) Ice Island, Arctic Ocean. 1969.


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Typed information accompanying negatives: Graham Law was one of the two employees on T-3 working for Lamont in the summer of 1969. I believe that he was a student at Columiba University. We flew to T-3 on one of the NARL DC-3s on June 1, 1969. We had never met before, but in an odd coincidence we had once dated sisters when we were in high school. Note: T-3 Photographs - Roll F B&W negatives - June paradrop, 1969. There were three paradrops during the summer of 1969 performed by Navy C-130 planes from Elmendorf Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska. These are described in this website, On the receiving end of the paradrops on T-3, these days were the high points of the summer season. This [...]


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U.S. Geological Survey
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Scoboria, Dave

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Available in the U.S. Geological Survey Denver Library Photographic Digital Collection, 2019 DENPH0008.


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Dave Scoboria

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