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Historical produced water chemistry data compiled for the Orcutt and Oxnard oil fields, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, southern California


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Metzger, L.F., and Herrera, P.J., 2020, Historical produced water chemistry data compiled for the Orcutt and Oxnard oil fields, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, southern California: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This digital dataset represents historical geochemical and other information for 58 sample results of produced water from 56 sites in the Orcutt and Oxnard oil fields in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, respectively, in southern California. Produced water is a term used in the oil industry to describe water that is produced as a byproduct along with the oil and gas. The locations from which these historical samples were collected include 20 wells (12 in the Oxnard oil field and 8 in the Orcutt oil field). The top and bottom perforations are known for all except one (Dataset ID 33) of these wells. Additional sample sites include 13 storage tanks, and 13 unidentifiable sources. Two of the storage tanks (Dataset IDs 8 and 54), are [...]


Point of Contact :
Loren F Metzger
Originator :
Loren F Metzger, Phillip J. Herrera
Metadata Contact :
Loren F Metzger
Publisher :
U.S. Geological Survey
Distributor :
U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
SDC Data Owner :
California Water Science Center
USGS Mission Area :
Water Resources

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The data were compiled by the USGS California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater (COGG) project as part of the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Regional Monitoring Program of water quality in areas of oil and gas production. The historical data were compiled for forthcoming interpretative reports and publications that will compare historical produced water chemistry data and newly collected groundwater and produced water chemistry data in order to determine potential contrasts and overlap in water chemistry between oil-field water and groundwater at regional scales. These historical data are intended to be used to broadly characterize the range and central tendencies of produced water chemistry in comparison with groundwater from water wells. Because the collection and analysis methods and circumstances under which the historical samples were collected cannot be fully known, the intent is that the historical samples will be used in grouped analysis including many sample results rather than detailed interpretation of each individual sample, which may be affected by unknown sampling and analysis conditions. Caution should be used in basing interpretations of the data on single sample results.


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  • California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater
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DOI doi:10.5066/P9AYRXBD

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