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Chloride-specific conductance regression model forms for estimating high-frequency chloride concentrations


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Fanelli, R.M., Sekellick, A.J., and Moore, J., 2019, Discrete and high-frequency chloride (Cl) and specific conductance (SC) data sets and Cl-SC regression equations used for analysis of 93 USGS water quality monitoring stations in the eastern United States: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


The file "Chloride_specific_conductance_regression_model_forms_for_estimating_high-frequency_chloride_concentrations.csv" contains the regression equation forms for two types of regressions: 1) single linear (SLR) and 2) piecewise (or segmented; SEG) regression between specific conductance (SC) and chloride (Cl) concentrations for 56 USGS water-quality monitoring stations across the eastern United States, plus four regional regressions developed by pooling data for sites within a region (see Moore and others (in review) for more information). Some sites, and all regions, have both SLR and SEG models reported in this table. The analysis included in the Moore and others (in review) study used results from the SLR models if those are [...]


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Rosemary M Fanelli
Originator :
Rosemary M Fanelli, Joel Moore
Metadata Contact :
Rosemary M Fanelli
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U.S. Geological Survey
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U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase

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Chloride_specific_conductance_regression_model_forms_for_estimating_high-frequency_chloride_concentrations.csv 4.98 KB text/csv


The regression equations were used to estimate high-frequency (e.g., sub-daily) chloride concentrations which were used for the analysis described in Moore and others (in review). Moore, J., R. Fanelli, and A. Sekellick. In review. High-frequency data reveal deicing salts drive elevated conductivity and chloride along with pervasive and frequent exceedances of the EPA aquatic life criteria for chloride in urban streams. Submitted to Environmental Science and Technology.



  • USGS Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia Water Science Center



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