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BLM REA COP 2014 UCS UT COP AI 553427 Bon Cuthrout Trout C Status HUC6


This dataset provides an estimate of aquatic intactness (i.e. condition or integrity) across the Bon Cuthrout Trout C's potential distribution. Current aquatic intactness estimates are based on the extent to which human impacts such as water demand, agriculture, urban development, natural resource extraction, dams, diversions, and alterations have disrupted the hydrology, water quality, and habitat quality of aquatic systems across the state of Utah and the Colorado Plateau. Aquatic intactness values will be high in areas where these impacts are low.This HUC6 (12-Digit NHD Hydrologic Unit Code) resolution dataset was created for the Colorado Plateau REA stepdown analysis using the open-source logic modeling framework Environmental [...]

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