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BLM REA MBR 2010 Risk Model of Invasive Annual Grasses


This dataset represents the location and class density of potential annual grass risk within the Central Great Basin and Mojave Basin Ecoregion for the 2010 time period. This model represent a composite of multiple inductive (Maximum Entropy) models of varying annual grass cover using non-spectral landscape variables. Input Variables: elevation, aspect, distance to fire, geology, distance to hydric soils, distance to intermitant streams, landform, ombrotype, distance to perrenial streams, soil pH, density of primary roads, density of secondary/local roads, percent sandy soil, slope, thermotype. Classification of Model 0-No/Low Risk 1- < 5% Cover Risk 2- 5%-15% Cover Risk 3 - 15%-25% Cover Risk 4 - 25%-45% Cover Risk 5 - >= 45% Cover [...]

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