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BLM REA MBR 2010 NatureServe Terrestrial Ecological Systems IMBMixedSaltDesertScrub


The dataset represents the work of multiple states and Federal agencies as part of the US Gap Analysis and LandFire programs. Multi-season satellite imagery (Landsat ETM+) from 1999-2001 were used in conjunction with digital elevation model (DEM) derived datasets (e.g. elevation, landform) to model natural and semi-natural vegetation. The minimum mapping unit for this dataset is approximately 1 acre. Landcover classes are drawn from NatureServe's Ecological System concept. Five-hundred and fourty-four land cover classes composed of 12 cultural and 532 Natural/Semi-natural types are described. Land cover classes were mapped with a variety of techniques including decision tree classifiers, terrian modeling, inductive modeling, and unsupervised [...]

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