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BLM REA MBR 2010 Probability of nitrate contamination of recently rechargedground waters in the conterminous United States


This data set is a national map of predicted probability of nitrate contamination of shallow ground waters based on a logistic regression (LR) model. The LR model was used to predict the probability of nitrate contamination exceeding 4 mg/L in predominantly shallow, recently recharged ground waters of the United States. The model contains variables representing (1) nitrogen (N) fertilizer loading, (2) percent cropland-pasture, (3) natural log of human population density, (4) percent well-drained soils, (5) depth to the seasonally high water table, and (6) presence or absence of unconsolidated sand and gravel aquifers. Observed and average predicted probabilities associated with deciles of risk are well correlated (r2 = 0.875), indicating [...]

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