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BLM REA MAR 2012 Trail 1 - MAR


This feature class consists of the trail routes on the Tonto National Forest. It is part of the USFS Southwestern Region Core Data Project. This project is designed to generate and maintain 15 vertically integrated resource data layers which are standardized across the Southwestern Region. A route feature stores the spatial locations (geography) of the trail. These feature classes have an (M) value or measure on their vertices. A route system depicts all trails within or in close proximity to an administrative unit. A trail is a linear feature constructed for the purpose of allowing the free movement of people, stock, or Off Highway Vehicles (OHV). Route measurements and route directions must correspond to those stored in the INFRA [...]

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sourceSystem urn:x-esri:specification:ServiceType:ArcIMS:Metadata:DocID {DA76F2D4-0E3A-44C2-9C5D-6B1CBE1EFAED}

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