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BLM REA MAR 2012 NatureServe Terrestrial Ecosystems v2.9 - MAR


The dataset represents the work of multiple states and Federal agencies as part of the US Gap Analysis and LandFire programs. Multi-season satellite imagery (Landsat ETM+) from 1999-2001 were used in conjunction with digital elevation model (DEM) derived datasets (e.g. elevation, landform) to model natural and semi-natural vegetation. The minimum mapping unit for this dataset is approximately 1 acre. Landcover classes are drawn from NatureServe's Ecological System concept. Five-hundred and fourty-four land cover classes composed of 12 cultural and 532 Natural/Semi-natural types are described. Land cover classes were mapped with a variety of techniques including decision tree classifiers, terrian modeling, inductive modeling, and unsupervised [...]

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