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BLM REA CYR 2013 Climate Suitability for Elodea Infestation from 2040 to 2059 based on RCP4.5 Emission Scenario


Elodea (waterweed) is widely recognized as a serious threat to the ecology of freshwater systems – this plant can achieve dense monospecific stands, reduce the flow of water, and alter the chemical composition of the water body, including hyper-eutrophication and oxygen depletion. It is native to North America south of the limit of the former Laurentide ice sheet, south of the southern US-Canada border. This species was first recorded in Alaska in 1982 and in recent years the number of known sites has increased dramatically, especially in those with high use. Historic and future scenarios for elodea climate suitability was based on associations of known locations of Elodea worldwide with 23 climate and topographic variables. The habitat [...]

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