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BLM REA CYR 2013 Distribution of Oil and Gas Permits and Leases in the Central Yukon


Permit or Lease - Mineral Estate includes a variety of permits or leases including Oil and Gas Lease, Shallow Gas Lease, Exploration License, Geothermal Permit or Lease, Mining Lease, Offshore Prospecting Permit or Lease, Coal Prospecting Permit or Lease. This shape file characterizes the geographic representation of land parcels within the State of Alaska contained by the Mineral Estate-Mineral Permit or Lease category. It has been extracted from data sets used to produce the State status plats. This data set includes cases noted on the digital status plats up to one day prior to data extraction. Each feature has an associated attribute record, including a Land Administration System (LAS) file-type and file-number which serves as [...]

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sourceSystem urn:x-esri:specification:ServiceType:ArcIMS:Metadata:DocID {3BC6EF04-76E3-49D3-BA08-70CD1CDF0FDA}

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