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BLM REA CYR 2013 Rare Earth Elements Mining Potential


To estimate the potential of mineral resources in the Bureau of Land Management Central Yukon Planning Area using geographic information systems (GIS) analysis of muliple statewide datasets. The six mineral deposit models are: 1) REE-Th-Y-Nb deposits associated with peralkaline to carbonatitic intrusive rocks, 2) placer and paleoplacer Au, 3) PGE (-Co-Cr-Ni-Ti-V) deposits associated with mafic-to-ultramafic intrusive rocks, 4) carbonate-hosted Cu (-Co-Ag-Ge-Ga) deposits, 5) sandstone U (-V-Cu) deposits, and 6) Sn-W-Mo (-Ta-In-fluorspar) deposits in specialized granites. GIS data layers available for analysis include sediment and rock geochemistry, pan concentrate mineralogy and geochemistry, Alaska Resource Data File, and regional [...]

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