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BLM REA COP 2010 Historic annual average precipitation (mm) 1961-1990 (VEMAP version) for the Colorado Plateau ecoregion, USA


Two future climate change scenarios at a resolution of 0.5 degree latitude/longitude for the conterminous United States were used in the Vegetation Ecosystems Modelling Analysis Project (VEMAP): a moderately warm scenario produced by the general circulation model from the Hadley Climate Centre [Johns et al., 1997; Mitchell and Johns, 1997], HADCM2SUL (up to a 2.8oC increase in average annual U.S. temperature in 2100) and a warmer scenario (up to a 5.8oC increase in average annual U.S. temperature in 2100), CGCM1, from the Canadian Climate Center [Boer et al., 1999a, 1999b; Flato et al., 1999]. Both general circulation models (GCMs) included sulfate aerosols and a fully dynamic 3-D ocean. Both transient scenarios started in 1895 and [...]

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