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BLM REA COP 2010 USFS Kaibab National Forest Recreation Sites


This feature class Describes the spatial location of recreation sites within or in close proximity to an administrative unit. Recreation sites are stored in three feature classes. The feature class Recreation_Site_pt represents recreation sites so small they are displayed as points, Recreation_Site_pl represents recreation sites large enough to be represented by area features, and Recreation_Site_ln represents recreation sites that are represented by lines. Any type of recreation site may be contained in any of the feature classes but any given recreation site must be contained in only one of the three feature classes. Recreation sites are grouped hierarchically. For example, a campground may be composed of many loops, which may be [...]

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sourceSystem urn:x-esri:specification:ServiceType:ArcIMS:Metadata:DocID {AC6856DB-E10E-4A3F-99E9-278D9B459F46}

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