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At the cook shack. Ice Island research project. Fletcher's Ice Island, Arctic. 1963.


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Handwritten information on back of photograph: 02/25/63, T-3. Cook shack - sitting with me are Arthur and Johnny (at table), 2 of the Eskimos working with us (in background). Additional information obtained from Dr. Carolyn Ruppel, Chief, U.S. Geological Survey's Gas Hydrates Project: These were likely taken during the setup phase for the laboratory "hut". I don't see in these photos any of the equipment that would have been in the hydrohut. We seem to be seeing the stove (left) and work table, but not the high bay where the piston core/heat flow probe would have been on a winch with thousands of meters of cable to lower the gear to the seafloor. It is likely that the "Eskimos" referred to for this photo were from the Inuit community [...]


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