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Evapotranspiration (ET), monthly mean, 2005-2009, Region 17, Continuous Parameter Grid (CPG)


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Sando, R., Olsen, T.D., Kaiser, K.E., Haluska, T.L., and Hockman-Wert, D.P., 2018, Climatic CPGs -- Probability of Streamflow Permanence (PROSPER) Continuous Parameter Grids (CPGs): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


These datasets are continuous parameter grids (CPG) of monthly mean evapotranspiration data for March through September, years 2005 through 2009, in the Pacific Northwest. Source evapotranspiration data was produced using the operational Simplified Surface Energy Balance (SSEBop) model.


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ET_Mar2005_CPG_all.tif 255.7 MB
ET_Apr2005_CPG_all.tif 357.51 MB
ET_May2005_CPG_all.tif 446.82 MB
ET_Jun2005_CPG_all.tif 454.29 MB
ET_Jul2005_CPG_all.tif 465.18 MB
ET_Aug2005_CPG_all.tif 426.07 MB
ET_Sep2005_CPG_all.tif 337.45 MB
ET_Mar2006_CPG_all.tif 289.89 MB
ET_Apr2006_CPG_all.tif 387.91 MB
ET_May2006_CPG_all.tif 397.41 MB
ET_Jun2006_CPG_all.tif 433.1 MB
ET_Jul2006_CPG_all.tif 449.87 MB
ET_Aug2006_CPG_all.tif 439.94 MB
ET_Sep2006_CPG_all.tif 342.64 MB
ET_Mar2007_CPG_all.tif 229.59 MB
ET_Apr2007_CPG_all.tif 310.69 MB
ET_May2007_CPG_all.tif 376.22 MB
ET_Jun2007_CPG_all.tif 410.96 MB
ET_Jul2007_CPG_all.tif 440.76 MB
ET_Aug2007_CPG_all.tif 419.08 MB
ET_Sep2007_CPG_all.tif 324.3 MB
ET_Mar2008_CPG_all.tif 287.74 MB
ET_Apr2008_CPG_all.tif 339.93 MB
ET_May2008_CPG_all.tif 426.29 MB
ET_Jun2008_CPG_all.tif 432.67 MB
ET_Jul2008_CPG_all.tif 465.32 MB
ET_Aug2008_CPG_all.tif 421.12 MB
ET_Sep2008_CPG_all.tif 322.72 MB
ET_Mar2009_CPG_all.tif 252.63 MB
ET_Apr2009_CPG_all.tif 336.06 MB
ET_May2009_CPG_all.tif 416.13 MB
ET_Jun2009_CPG_all.tif 456.6 MB
ET_Jul2009_CPG_all.tif 490.47 MB
ET_Aug2009_CPG_all.tif 445.3 MB
ET_Sep2009_CPG_all.tif 317.68 MB


These Continuous Parameter Grid (CPG) rasters were generated as inputs to the PROSPER model, predicting the probability of streamflow permanence throughout the Pacific Northwest. Each model predictor variable (parameter grid) was converted from its original spatial form into a CPG, which combines the discrete values with a flow accumulation raster, thereby converting the predictor values into a spatially moving average format.


  • National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers
  • Northwest CASC

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