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Characteristic Settling Time and Interface Height Dependence on Pore Fluid Chemistry for Sediment Collected From Area B, During India's National Gas Hydrate Program Expedition NGHP-02


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Jang, J., Waite, W.F., Stern, L.A., Collett T.S., and Kumar, P., 2018, Dependence of sedimentation behavior on pore-fluid chemistry for sediment collected from Area B, Krishna-Godavari Basin, during India's National Gas Hydrate Program, NGHP-02: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


One goal of the Indian National Gas Hydrate Program's NGHP-02 expedition was to examine the geomechanical response of marine sediment to the extraction of methane from gas hydrate found offshore eastern India in the Bay of Bengal. Methane gas hydrate is a naturally occurring crystalline solid that sequesters methane in individual molecular cages in a lattice of water molecules. Methane gas hydrate is a potential energy resource, but whether extracting methane from gas hydrate in the marine subsurface is technically and economically viable remains an open research topic as of 2018. This data release provides insight about a poorly quantified aspect of this process: the reaction of fine-grained sediment particles (fines) to the change [...]


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“Normalized interface height dependence on pore fluid chemistry for each specimen”
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“Sedimentation test definitions of the accumulation and depositional interfaces.”
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The purpose of this dataset is to establish the characteristic settling times and the fabric of the settling particles after approximately four days. The t50 time, the time to obtain 50 percent of the final interface height, captures the settling rate as a function of pore-fluid chemistry. The final interface heights indicate the fabric of the sediment that settled (e.g. high final interface heights indicate the particles settled in a loose, high-porosity fabric). Results presented here are used to support discussions of anticipated behaviors in the natural system offshore India as presented in the related journal article [Jang and others, 2018].

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