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Habitat characterization around standard brown treesnake traps on Guam, 2004 - 2017


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Nafus, M.G., and Yackel Adams, A.A., 2018, Habitat characterization around standard brown treesnake traps on Guam, 2004 - 2017: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Data were collected in association with locations of standard brown treesnake traps on Guam at location prior to suppression or control efforts and after control had occurred. In all cases study sites were closed or semi-closed populations of brown treesnakes. Habitat data focused on type and structure of the habitat within 10-m of the trap.


Point of Contact :
Melia G Nafus
Originator :
Melia G Nafus, Amy A Yackel Adams
Metadata Contact :
Melia G Nafus
SDC Data Owner :
Fort Collins Science Center
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U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase

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The data were collected to determine if aspects of the habitat could improve trap capture probabilities of brown treesnakes on the Mariana Islands. Traps were standard brown treesnake traps developed by USGS and used mouse-based lures to attract snakes. Data were focused on trap performance rather than population estimation of brown treesnakes. Data are suited for evaluating environmental covariates for trap capture success and have limited ability to infer population density, brown treesnake abundance, or demographic structure.



  • Fort Collins Science Center (FORT)
  • USGS Data Release Products



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DOI doi:10.5066/P93OMPVO

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