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Collaborative Conservation and Adaptation Strategy Toolbox

CCAST: An Online Library of Conservation Case Studies


2018-03-22 18:25:06
Last Update
2018-03-28 13:25:09
Start Date
2017-10-01 06:00:00
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2018-10-01 05:59:59


Matthew Grabau(Principal Investigator), 2018-03-22(creation), 2018-03-28(lastUpdate), Collaborative Conservation and Adaptation Strategy Toolbox


Through the Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative, conservation partners in the southwestern US and northern Mexico identified the need to create an inventory of case studies on management actions, partnership and collaboration, monitoring, and adaptive management. Sharing lessons learned through case studies can inform management practices by facilitating communication and learning in the conservation community. With funding support from the USDA Southwest Climate Hub, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclamation, and Forest Service are partnering to launch CCAST to share case studies on a new online platform. The goal of this effort is to develop a user-friendly “management toolbox” to inform achievable on-the-ground [...]


Point of Contact :
Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Principal Investigator :
Matthew Grabau

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What is a Case Study? A case study is an example of an on-the-ground conservation project, monitoring and adaptive management program, collaborative conservation effort, or resource assessment project. Case study narratives focus on lessons learned and share project resources (such as presentations and protocols) for projects implemented in the southwestern US and northern Mexico. Most importantly, case studies increase communication between resource managers and the scientific community throughout the region by sharing stories that are not otherwise readily accessible.


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