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Future Energy Development Tool Public


2014-10-02 04:00:00
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2012-05-01 19:13:23


Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), Joseph Keisecker(Principal Investigator), 2014-10-02(creation), Future Energy Development Tool Public


The Appalachians are a landscape filled with globally-significant biological diversity and cultural resources that provides essential benefits to large cities and surrounding human communities. The region is also rich in energy resources that meet national and regional demands for energy. As wind, natural gas, and oil energy development expand along with traditional coal, there is an increasing need for research to inform discussions on how to meet immediate and future energy needs while sustaining the health of natural systems. To help address this need, the Appalachian LCC awarded a grant to The Nature Conservancy to assess current and future energy development across the entire region. Assessing Future Energy Development across [...]


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This information is intended to support dialogue and conservation on how to effectively avoid, minimize, and offset impacts from energy development to important natural areas and the valuable services they provide.

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