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CCVA Fact Sheets: Forested Stream and / or Seepage


Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative(Point of Contact), LCC Network Data Steward(Point of Contact), CCVA Fact Sheets: Forested Stream and / or Seepage,


Forested Stream and/or Seepage Forested stream environments are typically found in the buffer zones between forested land and stream banks, often known as riparian zones. Stream headwaters and seepage areas occur where ground water percolates to the surface through muck, mossy rock, and nettles. It can also be found under rocks, among gravel, or cobble where water has begun to percolate in areas near open water. Breeding grounds are commonly found beneath mosses growing on rocks, on logs, or soil surfaces in these types of seepage areas.Predicted climate change will largely impact changes in temperature and moisture availability in forested streamand/or seepage systems, likely having a cascading effect on a species habitat and increasing [...]


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  • Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative
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