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Historical Produced Water Chemistry Data Compiled for the Lost Hills and North and South Belridge Oilfields, Kern County, California


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Gans, K.D., Metzger, L.F., Gillespie, J.M., and Qi, S.L., 2019, Historical produced water chemistry data compiled for the lost hills and North and South Belridge Oilfields, Kern County, California: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This dataset contains geochemical and other information for 268 samples of produced water from the Lost Hills and North and South Belridge Oil Fields. Produced water is water coexisting with oil and gas. The historical produced water chemistry data was compiled from preexisting datasets and scanned images into a numerical dataset to characterize produced water chemical characteristics. Each sample is identified by its API (American Petroleum Institute) number, excluding the state code, which is 04 in all California wells, latitude and longitude, well name, formation name, perforation interval, and date tested. The geochemical analyses include major ions, some minor ions, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, specific gravity, resistivity, [...]


Point of Contact :
Kathleen D Gans
Originator :
Kathleen D Gans, Loren F Metzger, Janice M Gillespie, Sharon L Qi
Metadata Contact :
Sharon L Qi
Publisher :
U.S. Geological Survey
Distributor :
U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
SDC Data Owner :
California Water Science Center
USGS Mission Area :
Water Resources

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The data were compiled by the USGS California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater (COGG) project as part of the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Regional Monitoring Program of water quality in areas of oil and gas production. The data were compiled for comparison to historical groundwater chemistry data and newly collected groundwater and produced water chemistry data as part of analysis to determine whether oil and gas development has contributed to changes in groundwater quality at regional scales. These historical data are intended to be used to broadly characterize the range and central tendencies of produced water chemistry in comparison with groundwater from water wells. Because the collection and analysis methods and circumstances under which the historical samples were collected cannot be fully known, the intent is that the historical data will be used in grouped analysis including many sample results rather than detailed interpretation of each individual sample, which may be affected by unknown sampling and analysis conditions. Caution should be used in basing interpretations of the data on single sample results.



  • California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater
  • USGS California Water Science Center
  • USGS Data Release Products



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DOI doi:10.5066/F7F18Z12

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