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Lake Ice Regime Classification


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LCC Network Data Steward(Point of Contact), Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), Melanie Engram(Author), 2017-11-17(lastUpdate), Lake Ice Regime Classification,,


These data are the result of a geospatial analysis involving multi-year SAR-based lake ice regime classification using sigma-naught backscatter intensity from calibrated space-borne C-band SAR for thousands of lakes in 7 lake districts in Alaska, USA, detailed in Engram et al., (in review). Historically, radar backscatter from space-borne and airborne platforms shows a lower backscatter return from bedfast lake ice and a higher backscatter return from floating ice (where liquid phase water exists under the ice) (Jeffries, Morris, Weeks, & Wakabayashi, 1994; Weeks, 1977). We used a threshold method where the threshold to differentiate floating and bedfast ice regimes was determined for each year from the frequency distribution of SAR [...]


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Geographic locations of this study were chosen to represent a variety of lake types that occur in continuous permafrost in Alaska and include five lake regions in the Arctic Coastal Plain of northern Alaska (Barrow, Teshekpuk, Inigok, Fish Creek, and Kuparuk), one region in the North one on the northern Seward Peninsula. Field data from multiple lakes in each region, including maximum ice thickness, water depth, water salinity, and frozen or unfrozen sediments were made between 2007-2016 for Barrow, Teskekpuk, Fish Creek, Inigok, Umiat, and northern Seward Peninsula.


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