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Potential Evapotranspiration 2020-2029: CCCMA - A1B Scenario


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LCC Network Data Steward(Point of Contact), Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), 2015-11-02(lastUpdate), 2012-01-17(Publication), Potential Evapotranspiration 2020-2029: CCCMA - A1B Scenario,,


Potential Evapotranspiration (PET): These data represent decadal mean totals of potential evapotranspiration estimates (mm). The file name specifies the decade the raster represents. For example, a file named pet_mean_mm_decadal_CCCMA_CGCM31_A1B_annual_2000-2009.tif represents the decade spanning 2000-2009. The data were generated by using the Hamon equation and output from CCCMA (also CGCM3.1), a third generation coupled global climate model created by the Canadian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis. Data are at 2km x 2km resolution, and all data are stored in geotiffs. Calculations were performed using R 2.12.1 and 2.12.2 for Mac OS Leopard, and data were formatted into geotiffs using the raster and rgdal packages. Users are [...]


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Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative(Data Owner)


The Wilderness Society derived potential evapotranspiration from temperature projections to better understand how potential future warming might influence the surface water budget.

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