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Snow Water Equivalent (SWE), first-of-month values, 2004-2016, Region 17, Continuous Parameter Grid (CPG)


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Sando, R., Olsen, T.D., Kaiser, K.E., Haluska, T.L., and Hockman-Wert, D.P., 2018, Climatic CPGs -- Probability of Streamflow Permanence (PROSPER) Continuous Parameter Grids (CPGs): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


These datasets are continuous parameter grids (CPG) of first-of-month snow water equivalent data for March through August, years 2004 through 2016, in the Pacific Northwest. Normal (average) first-of-month values for the same months, averaged across all years, are also located here. Source snow water equivalent data was produced by the Snow Data Assimilation System (SNODAS) at the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

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SWE_20040301_CPG_all.tif 440.61 MB
SWE_20040401_CPG_all.tif 356.16 MB
SWE_20040501_CPG_all.tif 270.7 MB
SWE_20040601_CPG_all.tif 180.3 MB
SWE_20040701_CPG_all.tif 76.22 MB
swe_20040801_CPG_all.tif 54.55 MB
SWE_20050301_CPG_all.tif 314.44 MB
SWE_20050401_CPG_all.tif 315.7 MB
SWE_20050501_CPG_all.tif 212.04 MB
SWE_20050601_CPG_all.tif 99.49 MB
SWE_20050701_CPG_all.tif 58.35 MB
swe_20050801_CPG_all.tif 51.88 MB
SWE_20060301_CPG_all.tif 453.87 MB
SWE_20060401_CPG_all.tif 437.67 MB
SWE_20060501_CPG_all.tif 330.32 MB
SWE_20060601_CPG_all.tif 189.67 MB
SWE_20060701_CPG_all.tif 77.19 MB
swe_20060801_CPG_all.tif 53.27 MB
SWE_20070301_CPG_all.tif 426.25 MB
SWE_20070401_CPG_all.tif 291.3 MB
SWE_20070501_CPG_all.tif 199.99 MB
SWE_20070601_CPG_all.tif 107.7 MB
SWE_20070701_CPG_all.tif 62.13 MB
swe_20070801_CPG_all.tif 51.8 MB
SWE_20080301_CPG_all.tif 483.68 MB
SWE_20080401_CPG_all.tif 499.24 MB
SWE_20080501_CPG_all.tif 399.34 MB
SWE_20080601_CPG_all.tif 241.03 MB
SWE_20080701_CPG_all.tif 116.19 MB
swe_20080801_CPG_all.tif 55.63 MB
SWE_20090301_CPG_all.tif 478.48 MB
SWE_20090401_CPG_all.tif 471.79 MB
SWE_20090501_CPG_all.tif 369.78 MB
SWE_20090601_CPG_all.tif 195.31 MB
SWE_20090701_CPG_all.tif 80.48 MB
swe_20090801_CPG_all.tif 52.37 MB
SWE_20100301_CPG_all.tif 402.65 MB
SWE_20100401_CPG_all.tif 376.94 MB
SWE_20100501_CPG_all.tif 321.84 MB
SWE_20100601_CPG_all.tif 205.55 MB
SWE_20100701_CPG_all.tif 92.95 MB
swe_20100801_CPG_all.tif 56.45 MB
SWE_20110301_CPG_all.tif 542.43 MB
SWE_20110401_CPG_all.tif 473.7 MB
SWE_20110501_CPG_all.tif 442.07 MB
SWE_20110601_CPG_all.tif 323.31 MB
SWE_20110701_CPG_all.tif 183.08 MB
swe_20110801_CPG_all.tif 82.03 MB
SWE_20120301_CPG_all.tif 481.02 MB
SWE_20120401_CPG_all.tif 427.11 MB
SWE_20120501_CPG_all.tif 319.09 MB
SWE_20120601_CPG_all.tif 221.07 MB
SWE_20120701_CPG_all.tif 117.34 MB
swe_20120801_CPG_all.tif 60.81 MB
SWE_20130301_CPG_all.tif 494.76 MB
SWE_20130401_CPG_all.tif 372.02 MB
SWE_20130501_CPG_all.tif 311.72 MB
SWE_20130601_CPG_all.tif 186.34 MB
SWE_20130701_CPG_all.tif 88.63 MB
swe_20130801_CPG_all.tif 56.52 MB
SWE_20140301_CPG_all.tif 420.67 MB
SWE_20140401_CPG_all.tif 406.67 MB
SWE_20140501_CPG_all.tif 330.31 MB
SWE_20140601_CPG_all.tif 201.65 MB
SWE_20140701_CPG_all.tif 95.92 MB
swe_20140801_CPG_all.tif 52.62 MB
SWE_20150301_CPG_all.tif 352 MB
SWE_20150401_CPG_all.tif 238.23 MB
SWE_20150501_CPG_all.tif 221.09 MB
SWE_20150601_CPG_all.tif 106.38 MB
SWE_20150701_CPG_all.tif 52.85 MB
swe_20150801_CPG_all.tif 51.7 MB
SWE_20160301_CPG_all.tif 412.99 MB
SWE_20160401_CPG_all.tif 384.97 MB
SWE_20160501_CPG_all.tif 281.81 MB
SWE_20160601_CPG_all.tif 149.77 MB
SWE_20160701_CPG_all.tif 63.49 MB
swe_20160801_CPG_all.tif 53.22 MB


These Continuous Parameter Grid (CPG) rasters were generated as inputs to the PROSPER model, predicting the probability of streamflow permanence throughout the Pacific Northwest. Each model predictor variable (parameter grid) was converted from its original spatial form into a CPG, which combines the discrete values with a flow accumulation raster, thereby converting the predictor values into a spatially moving average format.


  • National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers
  • Northwest CASC



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