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Ecological Subsections for Northern Alaska 2012 update spatial data


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LCC Network Data Steward(Point of Contact), Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), 2012-01-05(Publication), Ecological Subsections for Northern Alaska 2012 update spatial data,,


This data set represents an updated Ecological Subsection Map for Northern Alaska. This 2012 revision focused on completing the incompletely mapped portion of the southern NPRA, improving mapping of glacial and outwash deposits within the Brooks Foothills, and improving consistency with existing surficial and bedrock geology maps in northern Alaska. The revisions resulted in 525 ecological subsections, nested within 55 ecosections and 12 ecoregions covering 411,781 km2. Attributes for the polygons include information on physiography, generalized geology, lithology, and referenced information sources. Description of attributes is provided in the map documentation report. The dataset can be downloaded from

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Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative(Data Owner)


This dataset is an update to an ecological landscape map compiled in 2006. An ecological land classification is essential to evaluating land resources and refining management strategies for various areas. More specifically, a landscape-level stratification can be used to more efficiently allocate inventory and monitoring efforts, to improve land cover classifications developed from remote sensing, to partition ecological information for analysis of ecological relationships and development of predictive models, and to improve recommendations for ecological restoration.

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