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LCC Network Data Steward(Point of Contact), Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), 2013-01-01(Release), Animations and Presentation Materials,,


This is a collection of GIF-format animations and PNG images that are suitable for presentations. These products include images for the baseline period (1961-1990) and images for each decade between 2010 and 2090. Baseline values are derived from Climate Research Unit (CRU) TS 3.1. or TS 3.1.01 data; values for future time periods are based on the SNAP 5-GCM composite under the AR5-RCP 6.0 and AR5-RCP 8.5. CRU and GCM data are provided courtesy of Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning (SNAP).Air temperature is expressed in units of Celsius (у) and Fahrenheit (ц) and precipitation is available in units of millimeters (mm) and inches (in). Special note about animations: The first image of the animation is an introduction slide. [...]

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