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Workshop: Southern Sierra Change Adaption Workshop


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Debra Schlafmann(Co-Investigator), Koren Nydick(Co-Investigator), California Landscape Conservation Cooperative(funder), U.S. National Park Service(funder), U.S. Geological Survey, Western Ecological Research Center(funder), California Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), Bureau of Land Management - Bakersfield Office(Cooperator/Partner), California Landscape Conservation Cooperative(Cooperator/Partner), U.S. National Park Service, Sequoia & Kings Canyon(Cooperator/Partner), U.S. Forest Service, Giant Sequoia National Monument(Cooperator/Partner), U.S. Forest Service, Region 5(Cooperator/Partner), U.S. Geological Survey, Western Ecological Research Center(Cooperator/Partner), 2013-01-01(Publication), Workshop: Southern Sierra Change Adaption Workshop,


This two and a half day workshop offered five sessions organized around a change adaptation framework. Each session was designed to be a shared learning process that would both test the framework as a tool and help the participants learn how they might use it in their workplaces. Sessions had a combination of speakers and group exercises. The workshop brought together nearly 170 individuals from more than 60 organizations to identify shared conservation goals and to explore regional scale strategies to conserve Southern Sierra Nevada natural resources in the face of rapid change and an uncertain future.Public land managers and partners in the Southern Sierra Nevada Region are keenly aware that valued resources are at risk. Each entity [...]


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  • California Landscape Conservation Cooperative
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