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Permafrost Characterization and Mapping for Northern Alaska Final Report


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LCC Network Data Steward(Point of Contact), Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), 2015-06-08(lastUpdate), 2015-04-23(Publication), Permafrost Characterization and Mapping for Northern Alaska Final Report,,,


Permafrost is a unique characteristic of polar regions and high mountains and is fundamentalto geomorphic processes and ecological development in permafrost-affected environments.Because permafrost impedes drainage and ice-rich permafrost settles upon thawing, degradationof permafrost in response to climate change will have large consequences for tundra and borealecosystems (Osterkamp 2005, Jorgenson and Osterkamp 2005, Shur and Osterkamp 2007,Jorgenson et al. 2010, 2013). Thawing permafrost affects surface hydrology by impoundingwater in subsiding areas and enhances drainage of upland areas. Changes in soil drainage altersoil carbon dynamics, habitats for vegetation and wildlife, and emissions of greenhouse gases(Ping et al. 2002, [...]


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