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Article- @KarlTheFog Has Been Mapped!


Alicia Torregrosa(Principal Investigator), California Landscape Conservation Cooperative(funder), California Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), Article- @KarlTheFog Has Been Mapped!,


BayGEO Journal Article by Alicia Torregrosa explaining the challenges of mapping fog and the techniques used to create the Fog and Low Cloud Cover map generated from GOES imagery. Karl the Fog is a twitter handle @KarlTheFog for fog watchers.Intro:Within the world of mapping, clouds are a pesky interference to be removed from satellite remote sensed imagery. However, to many of us, that is a waste of pixels. Cloud maps are becoming increasingly valuable in the quest to understand land cover change and surface processes. In coastal California, the dynamic summertime interactions between air masses, the ocean, and topography result in blankets of fog and low clouds flowing into low lying areas of the San Francisco Bay Area. The low clouds [...]


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  • California Landscape Conservation Cooperative
  • LC MAP - Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal

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