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Electrofishing Results and Sampling of Bull Trout and Other Aquatic Vertebrates in the Vicinity of Yellow Pine, Idaho 2016


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McGee, Ben and Todd, Andrew, 2017, Electrofishing results and sampling of bull trout and other aquatic vertebrates in the vicinity of Yellow Pine, Idaho 2016: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This data set summarizes electrofishing effort, observations, and tissue sampling of aquatic vertebrates near Yellow Pine, Idaho. Sampling was conducted using a backpack electrofishing unit at two reference sites including Cane Creek and Sugar Creek, and at three mine impact sites including Sugar Creek and Cinnabar Creek. Juvenile Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus) were present at all five sites and were the primary species targeted during our sampling effort. Additional tissue samples of Sculpin, and amphibians were taken when available. Where possible, a two pass (quantitative depletion) electrofishing survey was conducted at each site for non-USGS stakeholders (Nez Perce Tribe and Idaho Department of Fish and Game) to estimate [...]


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Energy and Minerals
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Mineral Resources Program
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Ben N Mcgee, Andrew Todd

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Yellow Pine ID Bull Trout Electrofishing Data 2016.xlsx
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YellowPine_ID019_2016_Electrofishing_Data.csv 4.29 KB text/csv
YellowPine_ID020_2016_Electrofishing_Data.csv 5.45 KB text/csv
YellowPine_ID021_2016_Electrofishing_Data.csv 5.29 KB text/csv
YellowPineID_2016_Bull_Trout_Summary.csv 5.49 KB text/csv
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ID018_BT_Curve_2016.JPG thumbnail 39.79 KB image/jpeg
ID018_BT_Lengths_2016.JPG thumbnail 64.83 KB image/jpeg
ID019_BT_Curve_2016.JPG thumbnail 40.26 KB image/jpeg
ID019_BT_Lengths_2016.JPG thumbnail 64.54 KB image/jpeg
ID020_BT_Curve_2016.JPG thumbnail 40.63 KB image/jpeg
ID020_BT_Lengths_2016.JPG thumbnail 65.42 KB image/jpeg
ID021_BT_Curve_2016.JPG thumbnail 40.02 KB image/jpeg
ID021_BT_Lengths_2016.JPG thumbnail 66.03 KB image/jpeg
Yellow_Pine_Bull_Trout_Summary_Curve_2016.JPG thumbnail 47.39 KB image/jpeg
Yellow_Pine_Bull_Trout_Summary_Lengths_2016.JPG thumbnail 71.42 KB image/jpeg


The purpose of this sampling effort was to collect biological tissue of resident juvenile Bull Trout and other vertebrates for isotopic chemistry analysis and biological uptake of trace metal concentrations related to the Cinnabar mine site.
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DOI doi:10.5066/F7M61JGJ

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