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Watershed Management Planning Materials and A Demonstration in the Upper Gila River Watershed

Product of Supporting Watershed Management Planning for People and the Environment in the Desert LCC Region: A Demonstration in the Upper Gila River Watershed


2017-08-31 23:56:25
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2017-09-26 19:59:50
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Start Date
2012-09-30 05:00:00
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2014-09-01 05:00:00


LCC Network Data Steward(Point of Contact), Sharon Megdal(Co-Investigator), William Brandau(Co-Investigator), Gila Watershed Partnership(Cooperator/Partner), Graham County(Cooperator/Partner), Greenlee County(Cooperator/Partner), Heart and Horn Ecological Services, LLC(Cooperator/Partner), Arizona Department of Environmental Quality(Cooperator/Partner), Environmental Defense Fund(Cooperator/Partner), City of Safford(Cooperator/Partner), Town of Pima(Cooperator/Partner), Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), 2017-08-31(creation), 2017-09-26(lastUpdate), 2012-09-30(Start), 2014-09-01(End), Watershed Management Planning Materials and A Demonstration in the Upper Gila River Watershed,,


In practice, there are a number of challenges associated with formal consideration of the environment in water planning in large parts of the Desert LCC region. In Arizona, for example, there is no legal requirement to include the environment in water management or planning efforts (Megdal et al. 201 0). Therefore, there is little incentive to develop the additional tools and resources required to include the environment as a water demand sector. Appropriate inclusion of the environment into water planning requires conducting planning at a scale and geography that matches regional hydrology rather than political boundaries. Therefore, without explicit policy guidance from state government, regional stakeholders must proactively engage [...]


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“Atlas of the Upper Gila River Watershed”
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FinalReport_BOR_R12AP80908_FY12.pdf 47.8 MB
“Using Scenario Planning to Prepare for Uncertainty in Rural Watersheds”
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“Using Watershed Assessments to Inform Planning in Rural Watersheds”
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“Participatory Watershed Assessment for the Upper Gila River”
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“Scenarios for Upper Gila River Watershed”
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The ultimate goals of this project are to develop and demonstrate a methodology for developing baseline assessments and forward-looking scenarios needed to support watershed planning and management that incorporates both human and environmental water needs in the Upper Gila River Watershed.

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