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USGS Southwest Repeat Photography Collection: Kanab Creek, southern Utah and northern Arizona, 1872-2010: Stake 0713


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Hartwell, M.A., Diab, C.D., Arundel, T.R., Falvo, C.I., Everette, A.L., and Faundeen, J.L., 2017, USGS Southwest Repeat Photography Collection: Kanab Creek, southern Utah and northern Arizona, 1872-2010: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This metadata record describes the materials contained in stake folder 713. Stake 713 is located at latitude 36.42478, longitude -112.63036. This location was photographed in the following years: 1872 and 1968. The materials associated with this item include original best quality images from each repeat date (preserved as digitized film images or in some cases digitized print photographs, depending on availability), scanned film envelopes with camera metadata, records of repeat photography sheets, and all field notes and/or camera notes associated with this stake. All attachments follow the following naming convention: stake_date_material_type_Kanab. Some stakes will have multiple materials from one repeat date (e.g., duplicate images [...]


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Without digital preservation, the Collection remains vulnerable to loss by fire, water or deterioration. Hosting repeat images and their data on the web provides a public record of historical locations and facilitates future research on environmental change. This Collection is a chronicle of the history of place; a pictorial analysis of how particular landscapes have changed over time due to anthropogenic and ecological causes. The photographers traveled with different expeditions and had various purposes, but generally the photos were intended to capture a record of landscape features and change, debris flows, vegetation patterns and human settlement. This data release is the result of the 2016 USGS Community for Data Integration’s “Data at Risk” legacy data inventory and preservation project (DaR). The project’s purpose was to identify and prioritize USGS legacy data at risk of loss or damage, and document the time and costs required to preserve them. The DaR project was coordinated by the USGS Fort Collins Science Center, who partnered with the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center to preserve the Kanab Creek portion of the USGS Southwest Repeat Photography Collection. The Kanab Creek section of the Collection was selected because it was a manageable size to preserve for the purpose of a case study pilot, and a Kanab Creek repeat photography study (Webb and others, 1991) had already been published, thus highlighting Kanab Creek’s research significance.

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