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Lisbon-Jameson Reach of Lower Missouri River hydrodynamic model outputs


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Erwin, S.O., 2017, Lisbon-Jameson Reach of Lower Missouri River hydrodynamic model outputs: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Data set contains depth and velocity grids centerpoints generated from hydrodynamic model (SRH-2D) simulations run for a range of discharges. Date range corresponds to month(s) that bathymetric survey was performed. Three study reaches were considered in this analysis: the Fairview reach of the Yellowstone River, MT, the Miami and Lisbon-Jameson reaches of the Lower Missouir River. Data and application are described in detail in accompanying journal article (Erwin et al., 2017).


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Susannah O Erwin
Originator :
Susannah O Erwin
Metadata Contact :
Susannah O Erwin
Publisher :
U.S. Geological Survey
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U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase

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LJ_800cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 49.6 MB
LJ_1000cms_24hrs_1s_RST1_SRHC1.csv 50.51 MB
LJ_1200cms_24hrs_1s_RST1_SRHC1.csv 51.11 MB
LJ_1400cms_24hrs_1s_RST1_SRHC1.csv 51.47 MB
LJ_1600cms_24hrs_1s_RST1_SRHC1.csv 51.72 MB
LJ_1800cms_24hrs_1s_RST1_SRHC1.csv 51.9 MB
LJ_2000cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 52.07 MB
LJ_2200cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 52.21 MB
LJ_2400cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 52.33 MB
LJ_2600cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 52.43 MB
LJ_2800cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 66.61 MB
LJ_3000cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 66.71 MB
LJ_3200cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 66.78 MB
LJ_3400cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 66.85 MB
LJ_3600cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 66.91 MB
LJ_3800cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 66.96 MB
LJ_4000cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 67.01 MB
LJ_4200cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 67.04 MB
LJ_4400cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 67.1 MB
LJ_4600cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 67.15 MB
LJ_4800cms_48hrs_1s_SRHC1.csv 67.22 MB
LJ_5000cms_48hrs_05s_SRHC1.csv 67.34 MB
LJ_5200cms_48hrs_05s_SRHC1.csv 67.5 MB
LJ_5400cms_48hrs_05s_SRHC1.csv 67.64 MB
LJ_5600cms_48hrs_05s_SRHC1.csv 67.8 MB
LJ_5800cms_48hrs_05s_SRHC1.csv 67.97 MB
LJ_6000cms_48hrs_05s_SRHC1.csv 68.31 MB
LJ_6200cms_48hrs_05s_SRHC1.csv 68.64 MB
LJ_6400cms_48hrs_05s_SRHC1.csv 69.01 MB
LJ_6600cms_48hrs_05s_SRHC1.csv 69.39 MB
LJ_7000cms_RST1_24hrs_05s_SRHC1.csv 55.88 MB


Hydrodynamic models were run to evaluate physical habitat dynamics in Lower Missouri River. The models simulate hydraulics only; i.e. the simulations assume a static bed and there were no morphodynamic computations. Modeled conditions reflect the channel geometry at the time survey data were acquired; substantial changes in channel form may have occured since the time surveys were conducted, thus modeled conditions may not reflect present channel form or alignment. Modeled flow depths and velocities should not be couple with biotic data collected at a time other than the time of the bathymetric surveys.



  • Columbia Environmental Research Center (CERC)



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DOI DOI:10.5066/F7TB154R

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