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Effects of Disturbance and Climate Change on Ecosystem Performance in the Yukon River Basin Boreal Forest


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Wylie, B.K., M.B. Rigge, B. Brisco, K. Murnaghan, J.A. Rover, and J.B. Long, 2014, Effects of disturbance and climate change on ecosystem performance in the Yukon River Basin boreal forest: Remote Sensing, v. 6, no. 10, p. 9145-9169.


A warming climate influences boreal forest productivity, dynamics, and disturbance regimes. We used ecosystem models and 250 m satellite Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data averaged over the growing season (GSN) to model current, and estimate future, ecosystem performance. We modeled Expected Ecosystem Performance (EEP), or anticipated productivity, in undisturbed stands over the 2000–2008 period from a variety of abiotic data sources, using a rule-based piecewise regression tree. The EEP model was applied to a future climate ensemble A1B projection to quantify expected changes to mature boreal forest performance. Ecosystem Performance Anomalies (EPA), were identified as the residuals of the EEP and GSN relationship [...]


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Bruce K Wylie

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