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e3. Photographs from Stations 307, 311 to 332, 336


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Ponti, D.J., Rosa, C.M., and Blair, J.L., 2019, Digital datasets documenting fault rupture and ground deformation features produced by the Mw 6.0 South Napa Earthquake of August 24, 2014: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This item contains a collection of ground photographs taken at the observation stations listed in the above title, showing tectonic faulting and/or ground deformation features produced by the Mw 6.0 South Napa earthquake of August 24, 2014. It is a subset of the a larger collection of photographs found at Photographs of Fault Rupture and Ground Deformation Features Produced by the Mw 6.0 South Napa Earthquake. These photographs may be viewed or downloaded here, but are best viewed in context with fault rupture and other observations from the related KMZ file of summary field observations and photographs obtained during post-earthquake investigations of the Mw 6.0 South Napa Earthquake of August 24, 2014, or from the associated open-file [...]


Point of Contact :
Daniel J Ponti
Originator :
Daniel J Ponti, Carla M Rosa, James Luke Blair
Metadata Contact :
Daniel J Ponti
Publisher :
U.S. Geological Survey
Distributor :
U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase

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th_DSC_1446.jpg thumbnail 4.77 MB
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th_DSC_1450.jpg thumbnail 4.74 MB
th_DSC_1451.jpg thumbnail 4.83 MB
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Photographs by creators affiliated with USGS, California Geological Survey, or other state or federal agencies are in the public domain. However, in all cases the creator (photographer) as documented in each photograph's embedded IPTC Core metadata should be credited in any publication using the image. Photographers not affiliated with the aforementioned agencies should be contacted for permission and any possible usage restrictions.
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