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Modeled ranges of Hawaiian plant species under current and future conditions under three climate downscaling scenarios


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Lucas Fortini, and Kevin Brinck, 20160930, Modeled suitable habitat for SPECIES based on TIMEREF: .


This raster indicates modeled habitat for various species under current and future conditions. Using the Price et al. (2012) parameters, we modeled species ranges as a function of elevation, temperature, and precipitation as described in Jacobi et al. (2016). Our methods departed slightly from their procedure in that we did not exclude non-pioneer-classified species from young lava flows. Jacobi, J.J., Camp, R.J., Berkowitz, S.P., Brinck, K.W., Fortini, L.B., Price, J.P., and Loh, R.M. 2016. Assess the potential impacts of projected climate change on vegetation management strategies within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. PICSC Final Report. URL: Price, J.P., Jacobi, J.D., Gon, S.M., III, Matsuwaki, D., Mehrhoff, [...]


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U.S. Geological Survey
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Lucas Fortini, Kevin Brinck

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Dynamically downscaled
“Range rasters under A1B model”
10.14 MB
“Range rasters under year 2000 climate”
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Statistically downscaled RCP
“Range rasters under RCP 4.5 model”
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Statistically downscaled RCP
“Range rasters under RCP 8.5 model”
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This raster is was used to compare the modeled range of a species under beginning (2000) and end-of-century (2100) climatic conditions under a specific climate downscaling scenario. Attributes of and differences between current and projected conditions were used as inputs to a categorical network model used to estimate the relative vulnerability of the species to the effects of climate change.


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