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Habitat Trouble for Ozark Cavefish in Central Mississippi River States

from the National Fish Habitat Partnership's 2015 Through a Fish's Eye Report


The Ozark Cavefish (Amblyopsis rosea) is found in specific cave systems with clean flowing groundwater. These systems suffer from human use of and (or) alterations to the cave systems. Recreational cavers can damage the cave ecosystem or interrupt breeding, causing this species to leave the cave, unlikely to return. Some caves have been flooded by the creation of reservoirs or have dried up because of lowered water tables from excessive groundwater pumping or water diversion.



The U.S Geological Survey (USGS) is partnering with the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) to produce the 2015 report entitled, "Through a Fish's Eye: The Status of Fish Habitats in the United States 2015". The information contained within this item is a product of NFHP. The Bureau is neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy or the use of the scientific content within this item. This content is considered preliminary pending subsequent review and approval.
Ozark cavefish Photograph
Ozark cavefish Photograph


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