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Statistically down-scaled climate scenarios for the simulated period of 1950-2100 for the Northwest US and British Columbia, Canada


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Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium. 2014. Statistically Downscaled Climate Scenarios. University of Victoria: Victoria BC,


PCIC offers statisically downscaled daily climate scenarios, at a gridded resolution of 300 arc-seconds (0.0833 degrees, or roughly 10 km) for the simulated period of 1950-2100. The variables available include minimum temperature, maximum temperature, and precipitation. These downscaling outputs are based on Global Climate Model (GCM) projections from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) and historical daily gridded climate data for Canada.​​ Statistical properties and spatial patterns of the downscaled scenarios are based on this gridded observational dataset, which represents one approximation of the actual historical climate. Gridded values may differ from climate stations and biases may be present at high elevations [...]


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Meade Krosby

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Annual Daytime High Temperature.lpk 260.4 KB
Annual Precipitation.lpk 329.13 KB
Average Precipitation Intensity.lpk 332.45 KB
Dry Spell Duration.lpk 358.05 KB
Fall Precipitation.lpk 327.21 KB
Frequency of Warm Days.lpk 298.35 KB
Growing Season Length.lpk 340.41 KB
Maximum 24-hour Precipitation.lpk 344.27 KB
Number of Frost Days.lpk 331.18 KB
Number of heavy precipitation days.lpk 338.8 KB
Spring Precipitation.lpk 316.11 KB
Summer Precipitation.lpk 320.13 KB
Warm Spell Duration.lpk 320.36 KB
Winter Precipitation.lpk 316.71 KB


This project is intended to provide downscaled estimates of CMIP5 projections, for use by managers and in modeling efforts.

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