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Final Report for "Very High-Resolution Dynamic Downscaling of Regional Climate"




The south-central U.S. exists in a zone of dramatic transition in terms of eco-climate system diversity. Ecosystems across much of the region rely on warm-season convective precipitation. These convective precipitation is subject to large uncertainties under climate change scenario, possibly leading to gradual or sudden changes in habitats, and ecosystems. The convective precipitation in this region, occurring on a range of time and space scales, is extremely challenging to predict in future climate scenario. In this project, we established a unique, cutting-edge, dynamic downscaling capability to address the challenge of predicting precipitation in the south-central U.S. in current and future climate scenarios. As the first step, [...]


Principal Investigator :
Ming Xue
Funding Agency :
South Central CSC

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“Final Report- Very High-Resolution Dynamic Downscaling of Regional Climate”
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  • National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers
  • South Central CASC

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