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In Hot Water: Climate Change Reaches Underwater & Impacts Freshwater Fisheries


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On July 4th, the first Independence Day fireworks will shoot into the sky reflecting off the nearby lake or river, making that familiar pop! pop! sound throughout the night. With all the exciting pyrotechnics, it’s easy to overlook the fish living just under the water’s surface. Freshwater fish may seem impervious to the outside world under their protective layer of water, but climate change is already having major impacts on fish both around the world and right here in our backyards and communities. With 2014 being Earth’s warmest year on record since 1880, climate change is an ever-present threat to freshwater environments. Changes in temperatures and precipitation levels are already having major impacts on fish populations. Fish [...]


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Bonnie Myers
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  • National CASC
  • National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers

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