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Riparian Indicators of Contaminant Exposure and Potential PCB Sources at Manistique River and Harbor AOC


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Description of Work This work will investigate linkages between sediment PCB concentrations and subsequent exposure in riparian organisms living on land next to the river and harbor. This is an extension of prior work at the site that has been used by the Manistique River and Harbor Remediation Team (comprised of managers and scientists from USEPA GLNPO, USEPA ORD, NOAA, USACOE, USGS and the state of Michigan) to guide plans for delisting activities. Riparian spiders are important mediators of contaminant flux from aquatic systems to nearby terrestrial habitats. Aquatic insects accumulate contaminants in their larval form, and transport these contaminants to terrestrial ecosystems in their adult bodies. Spiders are a key predator of [...]


Principal Investigator :
David Walters
Associate Project Chief :
David B Hamilton
Lead Organization :
Fort Collins Science Center

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This project will quantify contaminant exposure in riparian food webs at Manistique River and Harbor AOC. These data will be used to evaluate BUIs, to evaluate the relationship between sediment contamination and adverse biological exposures, and to identify areas that require additional source control and or active remediation efforts. Research will focus on 12 sites spanning the AOC, with emphasis on areas that have been identified as potential ongoing sources. The goal of this work is to inform development of a conceptual site model as well as a feasibility study and remedial design plan that it so be enacted in ~FY14.

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