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Xerospermophilus mohavensis


This folder contains data compiled for the California Energy Comission for Habitat Modeling, Landscape Genetics, and Habitat Connectivity for the Mohave Ground Squirrel to Guide Renewable Energy Developmen. Primary report can be found at:

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Habitat suitability model for the Mojave Ground Squirrel conducted on behalf of the California Energy Commission by the United States Geological Survey, Western Research Ecological Center, Las Vegas Field Station as a project through the California Energy Commission (Contract reference: CEC Agreement 50010027)


All data contained in this electronic file are considered both sensitive and confidential by the California Energy Commission and are to be withheld from public release pursuant to authority granted within section 207 of the Warren-Alquist State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Act (Public Resources Code 25000 et seq.). Actual location data from this file cannot be represented in any mapping product, either electronic or printed, that will be released to the public. These data cannot be transferred to any party outside of the federal government without the express written consent of the California Energy Commission.


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